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Is it zapp?Is it tbb?is it zia?..OMG its COSMO!!!!! SOLD

                              eih???nape lain macam nih???   mcm zapp la mummy..tapi bukan..   I want a zapp actually..   but Nabil seems COMFY in this reclined 2nd COSMO from lil-riyaz.blog …relax.     erm…mummy kita nak ke mana ni..asyik snap pic je

Mummy s Maternity Outfit

This time aku takde beli pun maternity dress ke, apake..(sebab menda2 nikan mahal)…tapi aku ada gak bump into a few all rounder blouse kat butik mums dreams kat BBB…murah je…less rm50 tau…ye aa kira murah a comapre dgn butik2 cam Mothercare/ Modernmum (uissh! aku tak pegile tempat2 cenggini)kat mums dreams tu boleh pilih a baju

Coach n Coach 3 : My Swingpack

It s making its way now!!!! It s in delicious melon, intend for my groceries-shopping outing..sonang takyah kedek2 punggah barang lagi, sibuk nak punggah beg tangan lagi..renyah!Ingat nak ambik kaler grey atau lite brown..memang lawa tapi why not tukar sekali sekala(aku akan pakai ni sepanjang taun 2010 le kt, then baru tukar) kaler yang ranggi

Addition into CD Pile

Mummy s glad that 6 new CDs have arrived yesterday..Now they re already in the machine for 3 times washing.. Might be ordering a few more for the newborn…t@iny t@apir has great contour diapers and delicious patterned n coloured pocket ranges at affordable price (tq so much daddy for supporting me saving the babies butt

I Vote for These Economic Light Strollers

Daddy and mummy have small cars, so we need small strollers for the baby(babies) lawa sungguh!!!..tp feel cam a retired drama queen je if setting pink for a girl.tapi ni memang cun gile …..while the black one for the big bro and hopefully KEKAL sampai time adik-adik-adik Nabil nanti..taknak beli dah macam tak lengkap if

Why Do I Like My Peg Perego Si

It s the stripey colour I felt in love in the first place! Unlike my other strollers i ve owned before, SI is a great napping stroller, has great canopy, huge and long seat wide enough for my baby to sleep in and with both legs fit well in it. Personally, I think the seat

Some Say These r Just Money Waster

Nak beli? Tak la..Jum cuci mate.. [caption id=”attachment_2122″ align=”aligncenter” width=”262″ caption=”tu la..dulu dah ada merah nye, nyesal jugak mummy juai (eventho dapat untung jual)…..yang ni Gojes!!!Geram tengok (but i promised daddy not a HUGE GEDABAK stroller dah..NO MORE..)

An Open Letter to myself

I m craving la…for what??jambu batu??noo…if it s jambu batu i just get my car key and there s ton of jambu batu at kedai runcit depan in front of our house block nih…It s another 6 months or less before i pop myself…so i think maybe u ll have ample time for getting urself


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