Why Do I Still Want to Breastfeed …

Erm…pump ciput oz lately…but still enough to get at leat 2 bottles of 4 oz each…perday…huhu..malam ku tak pump…sadis ooo nabil gayut ajer….
Some people been asking me some kinda freak questions like…’aik, nyusu anak lagi ke?kan dah setahun lebih?’ ‘ eh, sikitnya dapat, cukup ke tu?’ ‘ ler, tak stop lagi ke???rajin benor’ ….arrrgghhh…at this point, i can tolerate givin my boy pedia*sure for supplement, as he eat much, drinks fresh milk n milo much, but i do cant tolerate if i deny my self from givin him my breastmilk….
why??why? i found these facts….

Examples of Disease-Fighting Substances
in Breast Milk
Substance What it does
Bifidus factor Promotes growth of “good”
bacteria in baby’s intestines, thus
preventing growth of harmful
Lactoferrin Binds the iron in breast milk so that it is not available to harmful bacteria

B12 binding protein Renders vitamin B12 unavailable to bacteria

Lactoperoxidase Kills harmful bacteria

Anti-Staphylococcus factor Inhibits growth of harmful Staphylococcus bacteria

Phagocyte cells Swallow up bacteria Lymphocytes and macrophage cells

Secrete antibodies which give immunity to certain diseases

Lysozyme Helps prevent infection Interferon Inhibits growth of viruses

Epidermal growth factor Helps keep lining of infant’s intestines intact as a barrier to stop harmful substances from entering
the bloodstream


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