Toys and Baby’s Development…

I’m wondering…are these really assisting baby’s development????? Or are they merely TOYS FOR FUN???dsc00850


Buying for children can be a whole lot easier than buying for adults, and even more-so adults that you don’t really know much about, such as long distance relatives. Toys are the answer to any child that is in the right age bracket because you know that they will appreciate and put good use to a toy.

Educational toys are the latest to hit the markets and make a big impact, as these kind of toys help your children develop their learning skills and essential life skills such as creativity, confidence and independence just to name but a few. Not only can they be educational but they also serve there right as a toy because they can be enjoyed and promote developmental skills in your children at the same time.

For example a modeling clay set can really bring out your child’s imaginative and creative side which can slowly be developed throughout their early life, aswell as managing to use the clay on their own which makes them independent, allowing them to build up skills and tackle things head on without help.

A karaoke machine may annoy a lot of people but this is a great gift for a child if you want to help build up self-confidence. Singing, dancing and general performing can really give a helping hand and allow them to assert themselves.

So , think about educational toys to give your children as these can go a long way for their future development. Starting early can really help.

Tapi mummy memang suka beli toys untuk Nabil..He really adores those Lamaze soft books. I think he got that keen into books from me…bukan sebab mummy suka bace sangat tapi have to baca sebab tengah study time pregnant Nabil…kehulu hilir library mummy usung Nabil dalam perut time tu…hehehe


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