Towards Weaning..Bye Bye Mummy’s Boobies (for now)

Couldn t remember when is the exact time my milk started decreasing, but then Nabil was still on my boobs day n night and yet never complained eventho i was almost milkless!!Last time when he was with the babysitter, once I ve fetched him from there, he would ask for nenen straight away even in the car while I was driving home..all the way home..And now, I l prepare his sippy cup, or a vitagen , or a small milo pack for him.But still sometimes he climbed up my riba and just holding my stomach or blouse ..and of course make my heart melt..and even cried myself sometimes…oohhh my poor baby!!!

His TANTRUM series..and those kinda nightmare piercing crying at night …yes!!! i believe those are actually signs of a frustration..sabar..sabar..sabar i frustrated too??Yes but I thank God as I never stopped pumping eventho the result was less that an oz /0.5/less,that was the best I could do for him.

So bye bye pumping, bye bye my baby boy clinging on my boobies(sementara saje tau baby), bye bye fenugreek and sacred tea..

Mummy s pregnant and making way for Nabil s adik, new pumping episodes, new pumping gears (maybe) and TANDEM NURSING maybe…Amin….

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