Stroller Oh Stroller…

Sure you looking for stroller kan. To help you out, let hear our story first.

The first stroller that me and hubby bought pre-delivery of our baby is a Sweet Cherry one….Bulky, heavy but I consider safe for a newborn baby I guess…We bought it at a very cheap price not knowing that when it is fitted into our carboot, dia je yang penuhkan ruang….sigh…(nanti I upload photo) La ni duk kat rumah babysitter since she has been complaining that my son is too heavy to be ‘dukung’ now…sigh lagi…

Then we got ur cute little Combi, light aluminium frame only that when my baby turns 6 month, he outgrew the stroller!!!..And to the ultimate level of my worries, takutnyala Combi tu terbalik as I happened to hear and see a few cases where babies fell out of strollers or collapse together with it when someone bumped into it in shopping complexes in the middle of people crowd.

So now I am in my mission nak cari the best stroller for my baby….Love Quinny ZAPP 8 kilos (tapi takleh recline) baby I suka nap time shopping…sian dia, suka McLaren Quest 6.5 kilos (Tapi I ‘d love to have a 3 wheeler) or Bebeconfort Loola (beratnya…10kilos it alone)…




But now for you dun worry coz banyak sangat dah pilihan yang boleh dibuat. Kat bawah ni ada carousel of stroller I dah choose for you. Murah lagi berbaloi punya.

See for youself, just click away!


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