Should I Continue Blogging

I started this blog around 2008. I used to blog about many things.. mummy issues.. I used to post many pictures. My kids pics conquers majority of the posts in my blog back then.

Turn out later I cannot keep up with my daily so called part time biz also took place my blogging longer posting stories or short notes.There were always *something* came up that i could not spend my time on my blog.

My activities revolved around WORK# DAILY ERRANDS#PART TIME BIZ 😉

Until today I signed on today..wah..3++ comments waiting for me to moderate..that includes several requests asking me to do product review..

Despite e review requests..what motivates me to continue filling up my blog now is that its e only way for me to get to talk about e topics that interest me .. i ll blog again just for e fun of it.. and i hope it ll last at least for another 2 years maybe

i might or might not have many readers but who cares?? My major concern is updating it with my loved ones milestones and perhaps some stories of me as a mom..okaybaby carrier di bangi

Oh by the way…this green carrier is up for sale 😉 leave me a message if youre interested..


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