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Iyad Sukan 2016

Saje kan lambat2 update pic..Simpan kenangan.. rumah kuning 2 acara masuknye.. ni kerjanya ZZZ saja lah

Baju Bonds Baby

Taksub pulak membeli baju cap Bonds. Baju asal ostrolia.. Taksub bukan apa pun. Functionality. Zipper utk bukak pakai. Kalau button romper kan cam slow sikit… setakat ni puas hati. Menang memakai. Harga reasonable.. Nak tahu tak yang ala-ala baju bonds ni banyak gak la jual kat Lazada. Ada yang panggil strechies la, coverall la, zipper

How to find cheap coverall for your baby

Gerber coveralls are cozy soft and comfortable for any indoor or outside activity, any time of day. Worth the cost for sure! 2 onsies for 11 bucks…cannot beat that. Nice bright colors and very cute. You will like the design because it could be used for boys or girls. At night, your little one may

I love this zipper

Your baby boy will stay comfy in this soft cotton interlock 1-piece. Appliqués and footies keep him super cute during playtime, sleep time, or tummy time. Snaps from chin to ankle for easy on and off. Nickel-free snaps last through all those changes. A perfect around-the-clock outfit for baby. Many love the zipper since it

Stroller Oh Stroller…

Sure you looking for stroller kan. To help you out, let hear our story first. The first stroller that me and hubby bought pre-delivery of our baby is a Sweet Cherry one….Bulky, heavy but I consider safe for a newborn baby I guess…We bought it at a very cheap price not knowing that when it


Salam…tengah pening ni babysitter nak bouncer/rocker…Even worst, she asked for a ‘buai’ before. Sigh….My baby was only 4 months old at that time and the babysitter wanted a ‘buai’ so that she could do her other chores easier!!! Geramnye. Only God knows why i don’t really like my son to be put in a ‘buai’…Yeah,

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