Secure Sleeper

We now have 2 queen sized beds in our masterbedroom, well, of course the other one s for Nabil, as it is no longer spacious for three of us to share one bed throughout the nite sleeping, it always ended up either me or his father would sleep with him alone. As in the next less than 3 months from now a new family member insyaallah will be joining us, I am considering of having this for the newborn, at least for the first few months of his life in it, only then we ll transfer him or mite be HER into his own babycot.. And as the mesh on its side pushes up and down, i think there ll be no hassles for me to breatfeed the baby during nite sleep.What say you peeps? Is it going to be a worth buying? I m freak that me or his big brother would roll over on him…

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