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Is it zapp?Is it tbb?is it zia?..OMG its COSMO!!!!! SOLD

                              eih???nape lain macam nih???   mcm zapp la mummy..tapi bukan..   I want a zapp actually..   but Nabil seems COMFY in this reclined 2nd COSMO from lil-riyaz.blog …relax.     erm…mummy kita nak ke mana ni..asyik snap pic je

She s Here..

Alaaa…gelfren baru Nabil dah sampai tapi retailer tak bukak kedai lg..next week la aku taruk gambo original Nabil on LIMITED ED BLACK O BLACK ZAPP eh…now tengok gambo contoh je..hehe ps: nanti ada budget mintak retailer bring in kaler 2009 nye..orient tu..weeeeeeeee..seat saje la kot..frame takyah..

Why Do I Like My Peg Perego Si

It s the stripey colour I felt in love in the first place! Unlike my other strollers i ve owned before, SI is a great napping stroller, has great canopy, huge and long seat wide enough for my baby to sleep in and with both legs fit well in it. Personally, I think the seat

Some Say These r Just Money Waster

Nak beli? Tak la..Jum cuci mate.. [caption id=”attachment_2122″ align=”aligncenter” width=”262″ caption=”tu la..dulu dah ada merah nye, nyesal jugak mummy juai (eventho dapat untung jual)…..yang ni Gojes!!!Geram tengok (but i promised daddy not a HUGE GEDABAK stroller dah..NO MORE..)

Cuci mata lagi

Sambil blog hopping, ku cuci mata nengok menda2 nih……….. lawa…ku suke ps: err..kak yaz and n, agak2 mr t boleh supply spare part 2 front wheels tak???hihi source: tiny tapir online source: tiny tapir online I WISH I COULD DIY THESE errr…this as a while-outing-diaper bag maybe????ish ish ish.mustahil

Introducing the Bloom…(that gives me goosebumps!)

Cantik tak????Hehehe…It s like, if I gotta push it I may as well look good kan? It s pretty obvious that it s a combination of the Bugaboo and the Stokke.And I heard that it s compatible with Maxi Cosi Cabrio…Waahh… waahhh… which one is Bloom??? GET YOUR BLOOM NOW (Click here)

Stroller Jamu Mata Lagi…

An outdated post..kelmarin rayau kedai baby kat bangi..nak cari short nabil je sebenarnya since short dia banyak dah lusuh sangat..saje la ambik kesempatan rayau tang babies gear…see..apa yang aku nampak..lawanye….. Sweet Cherry-3 wheeler..latest ed..sikit lg mcm Quinny Buzz!For newborn -3 years old. Compatible dgn infant carrier brand sama..memang mcm Buzz lah!

Nabil s new ride go go

SAYANG manja mummy… aik..naik stroller ni nak ke mana-mana ke malam2 ni mummy??? erm… alaa…tak jalan ke…nak turun…. andmatch it with Nabil’s red Cabrio….

Nabil s new GEWE…

(Mummy sings tralalalala)…OOOOOO….He ain’t heavy..He s my brother….. WHILE Nabil says…..Waaaaaaaa…my new gewe…..Cun! While AUNTIE N and AUNTIE Y …CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! BEST..BEST..hehe SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!Phil n Teds untuk tunggangan Nabil sempat ambik gambar dalam rumah je…. (abaikan kain bakul behind, tak sempat lipat daa..) asalnya nak dapatkan yang blue camoflage for the baby tapi no stock… love the

Head turners

Hey guys..don t u think these r catchy enuf??? Phil n Teds 3 wheelers… Petite Star Zia Pink Boogaboo…(while kak Yaz’s a red one..nice)

Petite Star…Zapp…Titanium Breeze…Sweet Cherry

I ve just spotted petite star zia n titanium breeze (as suggested by mum yaz) on the internet AND PLANNING TO HAVE ONE after hubby daddy dapat combi nanti. i first looked at the quinny zapp but the idea that it doesn’t lie flat made hubby daddy outlisted the buggy from our list…As he prefers


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