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I Vote for These Economic Light Strollers

Daddy and mummy have small cars, so we need small strollers for the baby(babies) lawa sungguh!!!..tp feel cam a retired drama queen je if setting pink for a girl.tapi ni memang cun gile …..while the black one for the big bro and hopefully KEKAL sampai time adik-adik-adik Nabil nanti..taknak beli dah macam tak lengkap if

Some Say These r Just Money Waster

Nak beli? Tak la..Jum cuci mate.. [caption id=”attachment_2122″ align=”aligncenter” width=”262″ caption=”tu la..dulu dah ada merah nye, nyesal jugak mummy juai (eventho dapat untung jual)…..yang ni Gojes!!!Geram tengok (but i promised daddy not a HUGE GEDABAK stroller dah..NO MORE..)

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