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Newborn Checklist (Again)

I had this when I was pregnant with Nabil,that was back in late 2007..and to my huge surprise, i m doing it AGAIN in end 2009 hehe NURSERY Crib bedding Sets- CHECKED Crib sheets or-CHECKED Bassinet sheets-CHECKED Receiving blankets-CHECKED Baby blankets-CHECKED Mattresses-GET NEW ONE MAYBE Mattress pads-NO NEED Baby Pillows-CHECKED Baby Cot – BUY NEW

Some Say These r Just Money Waster

Nak beli? Tak la..Jum cuci mate.. [caption id=”attachment_2122″ align=”aligncenter” width=”262″ caption=”tu la..dulu dah ada merah nye, nyesal jugak mummy juai (eventho dapat untung jual)…..yang ni Gojes!!!Geram tengok (but i promised daddy not a HUGE GEDABAK stroller dah..NO MORE..)

No! i M nOT A PrAmaholiC

tHEY COME AND GO..and I DON T keep THEM for long SO..WHAT S MUMMY S NEXT PURCHASE???hehehehehehe A post shared by đź’‹ShakleeMurahBangiđź’‹ (@shakleebangiasnida) on Apr 28, 2017 at 11:55pm PDT