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I Vote for These Economic Light Strollers

Daddy and mummy have small cars, so we need small strollers for the baby(babies) lawa sungguh!!!..tp feel cam a retired drama queen je if setting pink for a girl.tapi ni memang cun gile …..while the black one for the big bro and hopefully KEKAL sampai time adik-adik-adik Nabil nanti..taknak beli dah macam tak lengkap if

Newborn Checklist (Again)

I had this when I was pregnant with Nabil,that was back in late 2007..and to my huge surprise, i m doing it AGAIN in end 2009 hehe NURSERY Crib bedding Sets- CHECKED Crib sheets or-CHECKED Bassinet sheets-CHECKED Receiving blankets-CHECKED Baby blankets-CHECKED Mattresses-GET NEW ONE MAYBE Mattress pads-NO NEED Baby Pillows-CHECKED Baby Cot – BUY NEW

Playpen and Wooden Baby Cot For Sale- SOLD

1) Used playpen corak kartun2 warna biru tua untuk dijual...ada mainan gantung2. Tak penah guna, assemble saja tapi baby takmau duk dalam…RM 160. Cash and carry. SOLD 2) UNUSED white colored wooden baby cot, solid wood ni… ada wheels. RM 190. Cash and carry.SOLD SAYA STAY BANGI.. Boleh datang untuk tengok. BOTH ARE IN EXTREMELY


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