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Towards Weaning..Bye Bye Mummy’s Boobies (for now)

Couldn t remember when is the exact time my milk started decreasing, but then Nabil was still on my boobs day n night and yet never complained eventho i was almost milkless!!Last time when he was with the babysitter, once I ve fetched him from there, he would ask for nenen straight away even in

Preloved Medela Harmony RM120- SOLD

For sale.WITHOUT BOTTLE, but i ll give one anakku new bottle. 1 month old neck. Used for emptying breasts after pumping with PISA/FS.. related item:Cheap New Medela Harmony Manual Breast PumpCheap Harmony Personal Use Manual Breastpump

Avent Spare Parts For Sale-SOLD

siapa mau ini??? DUCK BILL RM18 each, SILICONE DIAPHRAGM RM 27 each..cash and carry… Related spare parts: Medela Membranes Medela Spare Parts Kit Medela: Spare Membranes for Medela Breastpumps Medela Pump in Style and New Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Tubing Medela: Valves & Membranes 2pk Medela’s SoftFit 24 mm. Breastshields 2-pk. Medela Contact

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