Petite Star…Zapp…Titanium Breeze…Sweet Cherry

I ve just spotted petite star zia n titanium breeze (as suggested by mum yaz) on the internet AND PLANNING TO HAVE ONE after hubby daddy dapat combi nanti. i first looked at the quinny zapp but the idea that it doesn’t lie flat made hubby daddy outlisted the buggy from our list…
As he prefers the sooo Japanese COMBI…we r now looking for one…(payah sebab most Combi fits only small framed child kan…while mine who is only 8 months plus but quite tall really, i guess a europian sized stroller fits him well) almost new maclaren quest letgo already since its only forward facing..n can’t full recline. Bout getting another buggy, huh, havent told hubby yet..worse than tht though, sure will get a grilling from him hehe (LOVE U HUBBY..)

Tengok these mummies…sama tak???



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