My Significant Other 2

Nabil changed a lot ever since I was pregnant with Iyad at 5-7 months as the tummy grew bigger. He knew so well he s gonna get a so called daddy s-mummy s-love-full-attention-gainer-competitor…little brother.
He loves to throw tantrum specially when his father s around, and that made me turned a monster. He refused to eat dinner, ran himself away for diaper changing and bath time, and there were quite sometimes I did not feed him, just let him play-fed himself and then play a ‘punishment’ for being cranky. Well of course that also brought tears inside me n i cried myself behind the door during shower/ on sajadah after solat and felt like I want to slap myself thousand times for being so impatient with my baby…
How i wish time reverse itself and i would compensate all those things i ve misdone…how i wish

ps: it s my confinement period, and Nabil s 24hr round the clock with me i try my best not to marah2 him anymore..amin


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