Keeping the baby in his carseat..

Alhamdulillah that I do not have much difficulties moving my precious baby from my lap into his own carseat when he reaches age 2++ months…It was much much easier when he was a younger infant…He never show any resistance towards his baby carrier during that time.Yeah sure he does sometimes react negatively, whinning n crying when I put him into his seat especially when the three of us (me, him and his dad) are in the car…he ll start his episodes of nangis2 ngada and with his face expecting me to put him on my lap…sigh…Kalah la mummy time tu!But when I m all alone with him in the car, he ll be the macho person ever..tegak straight je dalam carseat…hehe. I ll make sure he ll feel comfy enough as much as I am when he s in the seat, make sure he has enough room in the seat to move his hands n feet and I ll support his seat with latex bantal, to add extra padding, and so that his eye level is enough to be able to see out of the window..

In case dia nangis, keringkan hati, pekakkan telinga and try to console him… and it always work..Alhamdulillah..

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