I m Breastfeeding My Baby..Again

Iyad, is nearly 3 weeks old..being a special baby( only 2 kg at birth..)the doc told me to really treat him just like a premee baby..however, in terms of breasteeding, and compared to his brother, Nabil, Iyad latched quite easily and stimulated my milk production successfully just within 2 nights + accompanied with single pumping session I did at home when he was in SCN (special care nursery) unit ater his birth.

But again, compared to his brother, his demand for milk is less mite be due to his size and his weak feeding pattern…he s just on my breast for only 10-15 minutes, and not having to switch breast, he burps and sleeps well

ni nak bekalkan 3x feeding masa di SCEN

ni pas feeding malam2…

patot pekkan 3 oz je per beg

 selepas sepuluh hari
3 days old Iyad

1st week: jaundiced-though not warded for photo session, he slept throughout the day
2nd week: warded for 7 days and 6 nights – baby stayed in the ward, mummy at home, i managed to pumped  for him 10-12 oz per night in 3 pumping sessions, and direct breasted him during the day
3 rd week: mummy started to worry as manage to pump out only around 2-2.5 oz right after feeding, i guess must have more direct feeding sessions to mke sure the milk build up

stock up to date: 52 oz in zip lock bags of 3.0-3.5 oz per bag..am thinking o considering the milk build up tea/ galagtagoue.CEMBURU DGN MUMMIES YANG MAMPU KUARKAN LEBIH 7/8 OZ SEBELAH PERPUMP SESSION…


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