Balik Kampung

Planning to go balik kg for a week or shaa allah. since i m a teacher with limited annual leave(just 7 days a year), having e whole school holiday to be spent in my kg would be like a greatest chance in a life time..haa soo exaggerate. but yup tht is so true. that is e only time that permits us to be in kg more than 7 days..
Since we r not planning to have a special vacation anywhere this year,(as if we ever had it before!haha n.e.v.e.r, not even once pun )i m thinking tht taking e express bus to kuantan would be an enjoyable experience for my nabil and iyad. they had experienced the train , well e LRT/commuter ok, not e real s like sambil menyelam minum air people said, e kids have e chance of bus riding and i won t have to worry thinking of their daddy s driving alone sending us to kg..hope everything will b fine throughout e 4 hours journey..

ps : cant wait to see my mum n dad!

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